A Bit Mental

A Bit Mental is a bit of a crazy story about Jimi Hunt, his battles with depression and training for a massive adventure. It’s about the destiny of a ‘normal’ man who succeeded in one of the craziest challenges ever attempted in New Zealand; paddling the entire 340km Waikato River on a Lilo to raise awareness for depression. Surprises, adventures, love, fears, friendships, heartbreak, wildlife… you name it, A Bit Mental is a 46 minute documentary that tells this fabulous story from the moment Jimi prepares and trains to go down the Waikato River, to his final, exhausted arrival. But, will it be enough to banish his particular demons?

A moving and extraordinary story that hopefully encourages thousands of New Zealander’s to speak out about depression. That’s the aim of the documentary, to raise the national consciousness of this blight upon our country. And hopefully change those terrible statistics.

The documentary screened in December 2012 on TV3.

  • See the fun we had doing it and watch the making of

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