7 World’s Collide

7 World’s Collide

7 World’s Collide

November 9, 2011 | Journal | No Comments

A feature film we shot of Neil Finn and friends (Wilco, Johnny Marr, Radiohead and others) that has been three years in the making. Finally it is being released (it took 12 months to get the legalese sorted!) in NZ/Australia through Madman Entertainment and through Oliver Stone’s distributor Cinema Libre for the rest of the world. Really when you live and breath a project like this (only three weeks to shoot but over a year to cut) and then two years to get released – when you get to this stage you either love it or hate it. But because it was such a special experience to be a fly on the wall as these great artists did their thing – I still love it. I hope it finds an appreciative audience. Look out for it in a shop near you (we’ve released the first 7 Worlds movie with Eddie Vedder and the new one together) – 7 Worlds Collide – 7 Years apart.

Available now on DVD.

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