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November 11, 2011 | Journal | No Comments

This was a great campaign from my old mates at Ogilvy. The chance to make interactive films with a good budget but no set length and a chance for great interaction between us filmmakers and the agency digital guys. Also the chance to build a set with weird props and to shoot in the Britomart train tunnel. Brilliant. We had to use some real Kiwibank staff and they were great. Always a big ask getting performances from non-actors but they did fantastically. We shot for a couple of days of laugh-filled good times. The 360 crew were also great and the interaction between agency and Kontent seamless. One of the funniest (to use one of my daughter’s words) campaigns I’ve done this year and an especially appreciative client was just the icing on the cake. Oh and it worked its tits off.

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