Lilo the Waikato 1

Lilo the Waikato 1

Lilo the Waikato 1

February 13, 2012 | Journal | No Comments

We are in the middle of a very exciting project at the moment – a doco on Jimi Hunt – a guy Li-loing the Waikato River from Taupo to Waikato Heads to raise awareness for depression, which he has been suffering from for several years.

It has been a wild ride and he is a couple of days away from completion. Although today he has just come across the retrieval of the boy’s body from near Huntly so that’s put a damper on things – but we will be back with further hopefully happier news once he gets to Port Waikato. Stay tuned.

The documentary has been screened in December 2012 on TV3.

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